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  • mm1
    10-16 10:00 PM
    Can anyone please tell, can the employee be trained by the employee before activation of visa i.e. 1st of October. The employer is not paying employee any wages for his training. Can his training be legal ? Is he allowed to sign any documents on behalf of the company during this training ?

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  • Lisap
    08-25 12:03 PM
    Thank you- I am still trying to figure out what all the terms are.... I appreciate your response!

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  • bajrangbali
    07-02 04:03 PM
    6. Implications for Certain Employment-
    Based Second and Third Categories
    Absent legislation providing for additional visa numbers,
    the Ombudsman estimates that some individuals under the
    �India� category in the Visa Bulletin now may wait at least 10
    years to complete immigration processing and obtain a green
    card. This estimate assumes maximum annual preference category
    and per country usage. If these projections are correct,
    affected individuals will spend many years of their working
    lives as applicants for green cards, i.e., as neither temporary
    workers nor lawful permanent residents.

    Looks like stage is set. People already in queue as of 07/2009 have 10 years and no one new can apply for next 10years :mad:

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  • little_willy
    03-06 04:39 PM
    To quote from the article

    "Hira said that grass-roots groups seeking reforms don't have the money or celebrity support that can turn attention to their concerns. But what they lack in money can be offset to some extent in numbers and effort, he said."

    Exactly the same concern IV is facing today. We need more members and more money. In essence, please do your bit to support IV.


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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-09 05:29 PM
    Too much wite space. give it a background of smaller, lower opacity leaves as a pattern.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-27 07:40 PM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will celebrate the grand opening of its new field office and application support center in Bedford on Thursday, Sept. 2, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, naturalization ceremony and tours of the facility. USCIS Associate Regional Director Shelley Goodwin will preside during the naturalization ceremony and will administer the Oath of Allegiance to 25 citizenship candidates. She will be joined by USCIS� Boston District Director Denis Riordan and USCIS� Manchester Field Office Director Simon Abi Nader.

    Gov. John Lynch will join USCIS and delivering remarks for the special naturalization ceremony. Joining USCIS for the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be Bedford Town Manager Russell Marcoux, Mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas and Glenn C. Rotondo, acting regional administrator of General Services Administration, New England region.

    The new office, at 9 Ridgewood Road, will provide a range of immigration services, including naturalization interviews, lawful permanent resident processing, fingerprinting and photographic services and is well-suited to serve the area�s immigrant community. The new facility replaces the former Manchester location on Canal Street. The new office is based on a national model for new USCIS office locations throughout the country.

    The new building is being dedicated to Sgt. Major Abraham Cohn, Civil War Medal of Honor recipient. Cohn was born in 1832 in Guttentag, an East Prussian town. He immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-19th century and fought for the Union during the Civil War serving with the 6th New Hampshire Infantry Volunteers. He was awarded the Medal of Honor �for conspicuous gallantry� in the Battle of the Wilderness (May 6, 1864) and �for bravery & coolness� at the Battle of the Crater (July 30, 1864).

    The 25 citizenship candidates originate from 13 countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, China, France, Iran, Kosovo, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sudan, Thailand and United Kingdom. The ribbon cutting will take place at 11 a.m. with the naturalization ceremony to follow at 1 p.m.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2010/08/new_us_immigration_office_to_o.html)


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  • tissac
    05-06 04:54 PM
    My Wife had the same issue when her H1B got approved. Her attorney (It was his mistake) had to amend the petition . But I remember we got a new receipt number and a new I-94 with the corrected DOB when the final approval came. The bad thing is the amendement application also enters the H1-B cycle of months for approval if not filed under premium processing. We had plans to travel back to India and do stamping at that time. I had to pay this attorney $1000 for PP even though it was his mistake.


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  • lecter
    January 5th, 2005, 02:42 PM
    off the top of y head and based on what I've read, a D70 is well worth it, even from a D100. A D2H is now cheap too. With lots of Nikon glass the options are quite good. Even a Kodak SLR/n is a good buy.....



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  • gawadejyoti
    05-29 04:04 PM
    in case if my employer will not file extention petition. can i go back india and again apply for L1 visa.

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  • ram06
    04-11 10:10 AM
    The substitute elimination rule is still under review and not in effect yet. The premium processing can be done with substitute labor, by attaching the original labor certification.


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  • kumarblr76
    11-06 12:15 AM
    More clarifications are required about this new rule, this is a duplicate filing requirement in addition to FBAR

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  • james_bond_007
    03-21 01:19 AM
    are there any approvals from TSC lately ? since the online status is down, there is no way to get status updates now. Worse yet we don't get notifications on RFE's and if the lawyer did not notify on time, this is going to be a disaster..


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  • bugsbunny
    05-01 04:19 PM
    also see this for detailed rules

    Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: (http://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr;rgn=div5;view=text;node=20%3A3. ;idno=20;sid=690987c0156ce32c189d9ec09319aa2b;cc=e cfr)

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  • tonyHK12
    01-25 09:27 AM
    Legal or Illegal; Congress Crackdown on Immigration - ABC News (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/bills-seek-crackdown-immigration/story?id=12726462)

    The subject is quite misleading.
    There is no crackdown on legal immigration.

    "Despite that plea, most of the bills that have been filed in the new Congress are aimed at cracking down on immigrants — both legal and illegal
    Darrell Issa of California wants to eliminate the 55,000 visas awarded through a lottery and grant them to foreigners who graduated from American colleges
    - Alan Gomez"

    OK he claims the elimination of DV lottery is a Bill against legal immigration!
    Supporters of illegal immigration have always tried to over-hype govt action and scare legal immigrants, by saying the govt is after you too.


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  • pointlesswait
    06-09 11:03 AM
    I am currently on H1..working for company A..
    Can i work for another company...without transferring my H1 and can i get a 1099 Misc....( they cannot run my payroll as i wont be employed with them)....the work is in the same field...

    if 1099 is not feasible.. the only option is to get paid in cash..which i dont want to do..

    any inputs.

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  • kshitijnt
    08-27 07:48 PM
    Hello All,

    I am in a strange situation.

    My attorney is about to file my I-1485 this week.

    My details:

    Previous company:
    Perm PD: June 2006 EB2
    I-140 EB2 approved in Nov/2006.

    Current company:
    PERM filed: Oct/24/2007
    I-140 EB2 filed on Jan/31/2008
    trying to recapture the old PD of June/2006.

    Today, when I checked my I-140 status, it says "Request for Evidence sent" yesterday.

    What are my options now? I do not know if I am eligible to go ahead and file my I-485 now ? What are the implications if I go ahead and file my I-485 now.? Please let me know your ideas.

    Thanks in advance

    wait for the RFE. And respond to it first. Or you can go ahead and file anyway.


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  • sdouglas
    06-29 02:44 PM
    That did the trick. Thanks. I reinstalled the program and was good to go...

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  • immique
    07-20 09:10 PM
    it is my understanding that she just needs your H1 approval notice, employment letter, your pay stubs etc. I don't think she even needs her H4 approval notice for her H4 stamping. I am very sure that only your H1 related documents are needed(she needs your original H1 approval)-please check with your lawyer

    Me and my wife filed H1B extension through a company. I moved to consulting after my extension is approved. The consulting company filed my H1B transfer which is approved recently. Unfortunately my employer (the consulting company I moved to) dint file for my wife's H4 extension and he told that was not needed.

    My question is can my wife with the petition approved from my previous employer to get her H4 stamped in India?

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  • java4yogi
    03-28 07:38 PM

    I have been searching a lot for the H4-H1 cases and have come across the following responses from my lawyer.

    My wife has an H4 from my previous company expiring in July end 2007.

    I have a new approved H1 petition from my new employer approved till Aug 2008. The new employer did not apply for my wife's H4 transfer petition.

    I am now applying for my wife's H1 and I had queried from the lawyers if I need to do the following :

    a) Do we need to apply for my wife's H4 extension now to my current employer.

    b) Do we need to apply for the extension for my wife's H4 visa, since it is ending last week of July 2007.

    I am not sure if I am getting the correct responses from my company's lawyer.

    I think my wife is going to go out of status if my company does not apply for her H4 extension. Is that correct ?

    Also, if her H4 is only valid till July end 2007, will the INS issue her an H1 based on this ? Will my wife be forced to leave US from Aug onwards if her H1 petition is pending with the INS?

    I would be very thankful if you could respond to these statements from my lawyer and advise.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    07-16 07:30 AM
    I also saw a thread in IV forums dedicated to record experience in SJ rally! you may also find lots of ideas in there as well.

    11-26 02:04 AM
    tanyas_21: Amendment processing time is same as normal H1 processing time. Your status is H4 until the H1B amendment (797 w/ I-94) is approved or You re-enter USA after you get your H1B stamped. USCIS usually sends cable to home consulate mentioned in I-129 about the approval of H1B - It is one of the reason, most of the attorneys' recommend people to get it stamped from home consulate. As long as you go with all the paper work, You can get it stamped from Mexico, and I dont see any issues. Do not attempt to get it stamped from Canada unless you have a verifiable US education. Good luck!

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