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  • smuggymba
    05-12 04:00 PM
    I have ben working with employer A on an H1B ( even labor and I-140 approved, PD-April2009) and planning to apply for H1 transfer now through employer B.

    After the transfer is approved for B, if I change my mind and decide to continue to work with curent employer A, can I do that ?


    u can stay with A, no problem.

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-13 05:24 PM
    i am on h4 and this was the first time a company filed for my h1b. so would that be ok if company "B" files for my h1b with h1b filed with company "A" is pending with RFE.

    Yes. I would refer to Co A's filing in the 2nd one, so that CIS doesn't think you're trying to deceive them or hide anything.

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  • gregspirited
    09-22 02:13 PM
    I work in a private firm (<300 employees) and they have filed for PERM and is under audit. What would happen to my PERM if a bigger firm takes over my smaller company.

    My H1-B 6 yr limit will expire by January 2010. What are the risks to my immigration status if my company is acquired by a bigger firm?

    1. Will I have to re-file for PERM again with the new company?


    2. Can I continue under the already audited PERM in smaller company's name?

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  • arthi123
    11-18 07:38 PM
    Does the courtesy copy look any different?

    The one I have is exactly similar to my h1b I-797 without the I-94 of course...

    Can you help?


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  • archanais
    07-19 07:43 PM
    I am in a worst scenario , just changed a job couple of months ago. I have labor and I-140 approved from Company A. I have even paid $6000 to company A to sponsor my GC and $5500 for a visa transfer. After joining company B i didn't start labor again. Begging Company A to give an employement letter , they have even cancelled my H1b visa so I can't join them back unless i pay H1b visa transfer fee and a pay-cut. Wondering if it is even worth it ?

    Planning to inform this to DOL and USCIS , how employers can be sooo greedy

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  • puddonhead
    07-29 01:54 PM
    I would also suggest that you post messages in all college/university/school cantenes and other such visible places where students gather. I have donated blood many times (>10 times) when a student and I am sure that you will find many students who are willing to help.

    I have also helped organize blood donation camps and such when a student. In fact I am was trained volunteer - for whatever value 4 days of classroom training have. I'd suggest that you should avoid the "professional"/"regular" donors - as many of them would be drug addicts and "donate" blood for drug money. Schools and colleges are good places to avoid that crowd and still get a large number of prople willing to donate blood.


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  • Maverick_2008
    04-14 03:32 PM
    Friends, here are my details:

    EB3, India
    PD: Feb 03
    140/485 applied concurrently on July 23, 07 at TSC
    140/485 Notice Date (from TSC): Sept 17, 07

    Now, initially TSC had a processing time of 6 months for 140. They then changed it to a specific date later on. As of March 15, 08, it's about Aug 15, 07. Following the last few months' trend, my observation is that I might hear about my 140 sometime this month. However, it's just a guess - it might take longer.

    When I call the USCIS (or even my attorney), I'm usually told that the dates on the site are just an estimate and even if my case is outside of the processing time according to their own web site, I can't speak with an immigration officer or do anything more about it. Is it true? I mean, say if I don't hear about my 140 this month at all and if the TSC processing time for 140 marches ahead well beyond Sept 17, 07 (my notice date), I can't even speak with an immigration officer?

    Thank you.


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  • milind70
    07-26 12:56 PM

    I submitted my 485/765/131 application in May this year and my 485 is pending. I received my EAD but I got an email from CRIS saying that there is an RFE on my AP. The RFE email was on July 13th but my lawyer still hasn't received the RFE. How long does it typically take to receive the RFE?

    Takes some time for RFE to come to the lawyer around 2 weeks or so.RFE might be on photographs or colour visa copy so chill.


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  • forever
    08-13 09:51 AM
    Who is Becca Fischer ???:confused:

    I had never expected of this variable i.e., application received by , as a factor of influence in the GC approval process discussion. People have gone completely insane. :(

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  • ajju
    08-23 02:09 PM
    AR-11 is filed manually and mailed. Everyone will use 41 cents stamp.. No way to track it if its really done or not.. Its in your interest only if you've pending applciation where you expect any replies to your address...


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  • voldemar
    10-23 09:39 PM
    Hi Folks:

    Is there a time limit for one to travel on Advance Parole. I was told that if a person travels abroad and intends to enter using AP, the maximum time allowed is 6 weeks, is this true?

    My son "traveled" on AP for almost 6 months.

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  • bkshres
    10-07 03:59 PM
    Any suggestion whether to switch attorney after using AC21 and moving to new company?


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  • qplearn
    11-20 01:06 PM
    If you are a IV member living in NY and want to be actively engaged in the NY chapter activities, please send a PM to bottlemani. If all those in NY get together, it will be easier to plan joint visits to congress people: house members and senators. Even if you don't have a car, we will be able to coordinate better if we know you are willing to spare some time.

    I am sure there are many members in NY. It is a big state with several businesses.

    Please do remember: we have to do something more actively in order to get out of this mess. The more we procrastinate, the worse it will get. If you have suggestions, regardless of whether you live in NY, please do post them here.

    As a first step, please put your name on the NY chapter.


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  • tikka
    06-07 08:28 AM
    Can some one please shed some light on this May 15, 2005 cut off date and its significance ? Does it affect folks who have already filed for labor and I-140 after this date and have got it approved .... say sometime in 2006 ?

    hope this helps:

    maybe you can refer to that thread and close this one?

    thank you


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  • samuel5028
    04-18 02:50 AM
    If you feel, your CV is strong then no need to worry. Maybe you can ask attroney about how they charge money.

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    08-07 04:08 PM
    I called after about 3 weeks just to check status.

    My PD is April-2002 and I really need to go back home in December but I don't want to use AP for that, so I am hoping I will hear something by the end of this year.


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  • qasleuth
    05-04 08:09 PM
    Folks from Ohio,

    Conundrum and I would gladly help, in getting OH Chapter going once again. We would love to see folks from Ohio to get involved. Please respond to this thread. As of now, the hope is to see who is in Ohio and we can take it from there. If you are a resident of Ohio, just say hello.


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  • Butters
    04-09 07:56 AM
    Those are sweet :)

    The ad one is quality.

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  • itsjoe
    07-20 12:21 PM
    Hi All,

    First off, thank you for taking the time read this.

    Now I did see a lot of discussions around this topic but could not get a real answer to my situation, Can someone please help me understand this better.

    Currently working for the same employer who started my GC process, Labour applied and approved in Sep 06, I-40 approved in 2007, 485 pending. I'm with the employer for 6 years now. I have a masters degree (MCA) but the job does not require a masters when I joined. I have my bachelors (both 3yr degrees from India). I have close to 10 years of professional experience.

    Do I qualify for the port, assuming my job does not require masters degree. Thank you all in advance.

    09-28 12:53 PM
    i agree...i don't think US will have any competition in that regard. It might take years for EU to have such system put in place...

    05-02 07:25 AM
    I have done quite some research on this. Bottom line is you are taking major chance in loosing it unless one of the following applies.

    1) You are married to Canadian citizen.
    2) Your company is Canadian (or has office in Canada who can give letter that you are direct employee of a Canadian company working abroad).

    Otherwise you are taking chance. The airlines etc will still let you board a plane etc to go there, and Canadian Govt is bound to let you in, but then you will have to fight a case against the cancellation of PR order and its a mess.

    I would say decide one way or the other. I know its easie said than done.

    If you are in EB3, than unless new laws are passed or something changes, you could go to Canada, live there 3 yrs, get Canadian citizenship and your PD will still be waiting for you at May 1st when you come back.
    Best of luck

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