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  • rpulipati
    10-08 01:01 PM
    PD should be established on the first labor application.

    I feel this is more practical than number of years in US.

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  • sushilup
    09-03 07:53 AM
    I saw CPO status for my EAD status (WIFE'S Status still pending)

    My receipt date was 7th July

    Also, I485 pending at NSC...WAC receipt
    Filed EAD at TSC b/c I live in PA....

    PD - Feb 05, EB-2

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  • jgh_res
    07-20 03:36 AM
    I pledge 100 dollars. Please let me know how I need to send it over. Send any action alert to my associated email id.
    I could not update the google spreadsheet. Can somebody do it for me...

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  • ronhira
    09-25 08:48 PM
    Saw an interesting video on youtube the other day. The first thing that came to mind was the EB2-EB3 fights. If only we can fight together rather than each other ! ;)

    YouTube - Every Indian must see this Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc4UltkRJsw)

    & this'll be the result

    Games Village: A picture of filth and embarassment (http://cwg.ndtv.com/commonwealth/photodetail/page/1/id/8246/Games-Village-A-picture-of-filth-and-embarassment.html)

    Games Village: A picture of filth and embarassment (http://cwg.ndtv.com/commonwealth/photodetail/page/2/id/8246/Games-Village-A-picture-of-filth-and-embarassment.html)


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  • VK373
    06-11 05:52 PM
    They sent you receipt before cashing the checks?

    Sorry for the mis communication, I flip flopped the dates. RD 06/01 and ND 06/06.


    I got them in mail from USCIS, Lincoln NE.


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  • AirWaterandGC
    05-23 01:22 PM
    Patrick J. Leahy http://leahy.senate.gov/contact.html
    Chuck Hagel http://hagel.senate.gov/index.cfm?Fu...n=Contact.Home
    John Cornyn http://cornyn.senate.gov/index.asp?f...&lid=1#contact
    Harry Reid http://reid.senate.gov/contact/email_form.cfm
    Mitch McConnell http://mcconnell.senate.gov/contact_form.cfm
    Mel Martinez http://martinez.senate.gov/public/in...TOKEN=66357958
    Trent Lott http://lott.senate.gov/index.cfm?Fus...=Contact.Email
    Lindsey Graham http://lgraham.senate.gov/index.cfm?mode=contactform

    Sent to all these guys but have not heard back yet. will keep on sending and calling. Go IV ! Anyone who is not contributing, this may be your last chance. I urge every member to contribute and spread the word. Lets not wait .... there might not be anything to watch later on. Help yourselves !!


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  • smisachu
    07-06 05:04 PM
    DC is fine. NY/Nj is fine too. But we need to turn up in numbers.

    If it is DC, I think the effect will be better. I will drive down to DC and can car pool with other IV members fron NY/NJ.

    Can one of the senior members take a lead and set a date and publicize the protest.

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  • simple1
    05-01 02:09 PM
    Not sure I understand your scenario.

    Why would the dependent not file AOS at all ? Are you refering to CP ?

    My good faith best understanding is FB2 is not far behind. please refer VB.

    Well, you assume family members can get AP and EAD after submitting I-485. Not true for many people. Take myself as an example, I was not lucky enough to file my I485 in 2007. So with a PD of early 2007, I have none of the benefit from AOS at all.

    Although for me it's not a big deal because my wife will soon get her PhD and will file for her own immigration petition. This actually works better for us, because it will make the line much shorter and both of us will get the green card much quicker.

    However, for those who do not work and solely depend on their spouses to get green card. This change can spell disaster for them during the long wait caused by retrogression without the ability to file AOS.


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  • mariusp
    03-18 11:58 AM
    Called two weeks ago as per my post above. No FP yet. At this point I don't even care anymore... :(

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  • Jelena
    07-07 10:46 PM
    My vote goes for DC on 7/14. Many people like me might have already used their time off recently to get a medical exam and paperwork for I-485. I live in Baltimore area and simply cannot make it to DC on a weekday. If I lose my job I won't get a green card - as simple as that.

    If there are others in Baltimore area who would like to join the action please don't hesitate to contact me. We could car pool and get together to make signs. I'll also try to gather some friends, although it might be tough on a short notice - almost everyone is on vacation.


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  • simple1
    05-08 02:31 PM
    we are talking about inclusion logic here. Not the exclusion logic.

    I do see in sec 203 how some one becomes eligible for "eb quota". I dont see ebdependents there. I see only eb primary.

    I am sorry, I am not interested to carry this debate forward for the fun of debating. I strongly urge you to read sec 203. Thanks for understanding.

    Do you see anywhere in INA mentioning that "EB-dependents should NOT be filed in EB-category". How is it a "mis-interpretation" then?

    Again like I mentioned before you can archive the same goal (which you care about) via a different approach.

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  • dudes2006
    02-17 03:24 PM
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 07V75595NX6113029.

    All the best for advocacy days....Go IV Go !


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  • ski_dude12
    08-26 12:56 PM
    I received a confirmation from the Ombudsman's office that they have received my case documents and would let me know when it get's assigned to an immigration specialist.

    I have not heard back from them yet... 3 weeks and counting... How long does it take them to followup on the case?

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  • santb1975
    12-15 10:45 PM
    Workout - Research indicates workout beats the blues

    Become really active with IV and get the sense of accomplishment. Somethings I do with So. Cal IV releases lots of endorphins and puts me on a natural high. It's true :D

    Been in the US since 1998, have an EB-2 PD of 2001, have played by the rules all along. Still no GC... And, the dates are going back to 2000 from the new year.. I've lost hopes...

    I'm pretty close to getting clinical depression because of this game played by USCIS, Labor Dept, FBI and my own bad luck.

    SKILL bill, OMNIBUS, etc. comes and goes. IV does seem to be doing things to lobby for the community, but let's face one reality. Like a news article said, no one in congress or senate wants to touch immigration even with a long pole until 2009.

    The US has been very good to me (other than the GC part), more than my home country (India) which is why I'm still here.

    Have invested too much of time in this country to just pack up and go. Just curious if any of you feel this way? How do you handle such depressing feelings?


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  • bobzibub
    05-23 07:06 PM
    Dear Senator ____;

    Subject: Treating the currently backlogged legal skilled immigrants at parity with undocumented immigrants and family-based applicants in the Immigration Reform bill S. 1348.

    I am a member of Immigration Voice (www.immigrationvoice.org). Immigration Voice represents the interest of 500,000 legal skilled immigrants in the United States on the path to green cards who have been stuck in enormous backlogs and delays in immigration process.

    The career growth, job mobility and quality of life of a half a million legal skilled immigrants is subverted by the bill in its current form.

    Specifically, the restrictions on employment mobility of current applicants affected by this bill, limit improvements in all wage rates. This is because when the market for highly skilled staff improves (as it is doing today), we have significant bureaucratic barriers placed that prevent us from changing jobs. This creates a mis-allocation of scarce talent and limits the growth of the high tech industry as a whole.

    The permanent residency process currently takes a great many years, but technologies change fast. Staying in the same job can make a tech career stagnant. Few Americans in the technology field are willing to stay in the same position within their current company for that many years. So, Again, this limits growth in the technology industry because scarce skills are being miss-allocated.

    It is not just about changing jobs: I also get requests from friends that want me to improve their website or even join a start-up. They are dumbfounded when I tell them I may not because it is illegal for me to do so. Nor may I volunteer my time. Nor may I start my own company because I may not work for myself. The economic cost of a half-million highly skilled people not being able to start a business must be staggering.

    Personally, since moving to the "land of the free", I find it ironic that I lost my economic freedom. It is also heartbreaking to see the rug pulled out from beneath us when we've been such law-abiding and dedicated participants in the current system all these years. In terms of years, in terms of opportunity lost, and in terms of money wasted on lawyers, we humbly request an equitable solution for all skilled, law-abiding immigrants.

    Here are some specific reasons why the current CIR bill fails us, and fails the US economy. Also suggestions on improvements that can be made:

    1. Section 501(b) reduces the number of green cards to legal skilled immigrants from the current 140,000/year to 90,000/year and diverts the major portion of those green cards to future low-skills guest workers under the Y visa program. Instead of increasing that number to reduce the backlogs this section take a step backwards and would exacerbate the backlogs. On the other hand, 503(f)(2) of this act would allocate an estimated 11 million green cards over a time frame of 5 years – 2.2 million a year – to undocumented immigrants. Immigration Voice requests congress to treat legal skilled immigrants at parity with undocumented immigrants and increase the number of green cards to at least 250,000 for 5 years for currently backlogged applicants defined under Sec. 502(d)(2) in order to reduce to current backlog before the untested points based merit system is functional.

    2. Immigration Voice requests congress to waive per-country ceilings on backlogged petitions to be processed under Sec. 502(d)(2) in order to make the backlog reduction more efficient. The bill provides a very similar waiver from per-country ceilings to family based pending petitions in section 508(b).

    3. Immigration Voice requests congress to allow legal skilled immigrants to file for adjustment of status for those applicants who have been certified by DOL to be doing jobs no US citizen is willing, qualified or able to do. This would be at parity with provisions for undocumented immigrants who would qualify for instant work permit (probationary card) that allows them to work without employer sponsor and without department of labor’s certification simply by registering.

    We at Immigration Voice strongly opposes the bill S 1348 in its current form and requests congress to amend this bill and treat the legal skilled immigrants at parity with undocumented immigrants, future guest-workers and pending family-based applicants.

    <your name>

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  • slowwin
    01-30 05:33 PM

    as long as there is a leeway, people do tend to take the maximum advantage of that leeway. this applies in life in every aspect. OP did the same.

    being moral or ethical is not the criterion here I guess, otherwise we would all have (I,C) have been current ( if no labor subs, eb3 to eb2 conversions etc).

    I feel bad too, seeing some one who landed on H1B in 2006 , got hold of a 2002 labor sub. and is enjoying GC right now(thanks to July 2007 fiasco)., and for crying out loud I have been in USA since 2001, went to school here, is working in a physical science research position, have one patent and filed for 2 more.

    I consider myself to have contributed to the USA, more than the guy I gave an example of (in terms of taxes, tuition, original research, etc). But does that all matter to the other guy, when he did what he did.
    that is life :D


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  • aquarianf
    04-24 11:29 AM
    Guyz, i met attorney. got copy of non compete agreement from a co-worker. I feel kind of releived after what he said.

    As per him, every non-compete agreement that is signed cannot be neccessarily enforced in the court of law. If the sole purpose is to avoid ordinary competition, it is unreasonable and unenforceable. If the agreement is ever challenged in court, the most important question, which will be posed from the Judge to the employer, is "What is the legitimate business purpose that is served by this non-compete agreement?"

    Now as h1b employees, as every one knows we r not the key personnel in the company. we do not carry with us any trade secrets or confidential information which might harm their business.

    AS per him the higher up the "food chain" an employee is at a company, the more willing courts are to enforce non-compete agreements. Upper level employees are typically exposed to more confidential, trade secret, strategic and other information that gives a company a competitive advantage in the market place. The lower down the food chain an employee is, the less likely a court is to enforce non-compete and non-solicitation terms.

    Also non competes always have to give some profits to the employee, say a paid vacation, bonus or somethign like that. An employer cannot
    just make the employee sign it to restrict him from making better living and not give anything in return....

    Seems like these things are favourable to all the h1b employees.
    If any employer is claiming non compete to hold the consultant to his company, then even he should not take employees from competetive companies..... But r they doing it???????? We all know the answer.... IT consulting businesses run like that.

    can you ask the attorney if he can work on contingency basis? Or did he gave any estimate of how much it may cost you if you have to face lawsiute or if you have to go to settlement route?

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  • paskal
    07-09 11:11 AM
    it says nothing about who can file an application.
    it only says the "status may be adjusted" IF.....

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  • Ushakiran
    05-10 01:28 PM
    Apparently, that guy is from ROW, and pretend being an Indian. otherwise, why he does not know India itself is a huge country with so many different languages, cultures, etc? isn't that diverse enough?

    EB based GC should NOT have Quota (.) We are already IN the system. How will it effect diversity. Diversity visa are meant for divesrsity. EB is skill based and only skill should be cared for,

    02-25 08:20 PM
    Payment sent transaction ID: 5XF7750851624640H

    08-25 12:38 PM
    take your 485 and 140 receipts.

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