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  • alterego
    06-29 05:52 PM
    I have a few theories on this. This is meant just to open discussion.

    1) The USCIS and State department are not communicating at all. This is not at all uncommon within gov't agencies as we all know.
    The State Dep't released the bulletin perhaps without realising the full ramifications. Having heard from the USCIS..........hey hey hey what the F&^% are you doing? They may have realised over the last few weeks what a mess they have on their hands. Now they are trying to undo it.

    2) Another possibility I can think of, is that this is a grand plan(heck I almost said grand bargain) concocted by the USCIS to get 485s OUT of the system as much as possible while minimising those that can get IN. Hence you might see in the coming few weeks thousands of approval letters all dated the 2nd of July. That will allow them to clear their backlogs of pre-approved, approvable cases and clean the slate fresh for the new fees structure/new quota in the new year. Some of you might remember they retrogressed to unavailable around this time 2 yrs ago. They do these weird things in the 4th quarter.

    3) Of course the last option is their brains have the same IQ as that of any common critter that messes up your garden.

    Pick your poison, it is all the same. I feel for everyone whose hopes were raised so high. It is truly inhumane of them. If they planned this, they should atleast have delayed the release of the July VB.

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  • fatjoe
    10-26 02:26 PM
    Thanks ndialani.
    I raised an SR on 8/25/2009. I got a response that my "case was being actively processed, allow 60 days for a decision to be made". I kept calling uscis, every CSR told me the same thing "wait until Oct 25, and then raise another SR". I got the CPO email on 10/22.
    As I mentioed in the previous posts, though I tried Senator, Ombudsman, calls thru my lawyer, I beleive that SR is the one that makes the IOs take a case out of a whole bunch and keeps it in the queue for approval.

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  • shantanup
    09-16 07:08 AM
    Received 'card production (green card)' approval e-mails for both me and my wife this morning.
    IV leaders and IV Texas State Chapter can still count on my voluntary involvement. I love walking through the walkways of the Congress House and the Senate, especially the tram that connects the House and the Senate via the tunnel. ;)

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  • little_willy
    08-20 10:46 PM
    With the earlier method or the current method, EB3-I will always end up last. Vertically EB3-ROW gets the excess visas (old method), horizontally EB2-I gets the excess visas (new method). So, either way EB3-I won't benefit, the only solace being that with the current system atleast our EB2-I friends are getting their freedom faster.

    For us, visa recapture or other legislative changes are the only relief.

    BTW, my PD is June 2003, EB3-I


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  • pappu
    08-07 03:52 PM
    First let me state that I need people like you to proceed and hence I will be happy to answer the points you rasied to the best of my ability:

    We all agree that there is severe backlog. Only way the backlog will alleviate is by increasing visa numbers, which not going to happen any time sooner.
    So some people (and I know around 10 of them) what they are doing is the following:
    They got the chance to file their 485 last July , which is pending. They are now contacting several small desi consulting firms to file for their fresh labor in EB2 category. Once their labor is filled and new I-140 is approved, they plan to attach new I-140 to the original 485 and hence effectively convering to Eb2 category but with priority dates in 2002 and 2003 (because original I-140 had that priority). Worst, they would never join that desi consulting firm...

    This how the system is being gamed. If I know 10 such cases, I am sure there must be thousand like that.Now you tell me , isn't that unfair to the people already in Eb2 line as well as the ones who do not know how to game the system

    By the way: If any one is interested, I know of three such consulting firms that can do for you for a fee.

    First: I appreciate that you have not lost your cool yet despite all the opposition and rude posts against you. Rollingflood on the other hand does not share those qualities with you well. We will not close the thread as long as the discussion remains civil.

    While I personally do not support the lawsuit idea because it divides the community in two parts and there are better ways to help the community. You can try to help positively for the greater good for everyone or run a negative campaign that will help some but hurt others who are also like you and are genuinely following the law. I also think it will be expensive and may not have a lifeline. As IV members we need to all work together to fix the system. This was the basis of founding IV. The aim was never to look after our own selfish interests and hurt others who are like us. We never discriminated between different EB categories or country of chargeability. The intent of our fight is not to deny others their greencards and get ours first, but to allow everyone get their greencards. The intent is to have the system be efficient and work the way it was intended. IV core team has never made action items or ask lists in campaigns to suit their own selfish needs.

    Now in this post you have raised a serious issue. If a fraud is going on, do collect evidence and file a complaint against it. If consulting companies are making money by gaming the system, drag those companies in your complaint. Help punish such people who are gaming the system. IV community will appreciate that.

    There is some wisdom needed here to draw a line between selfishness and working with honest intentions to clean up the system.

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  • Macaca
    07-15 08:43 AM


    DOBBS: It's pretty remarkable. Two million people legally admitted to the United States each year. Four hundred thousand H1 visas each year. Nine hundred thousand other employment visas each year. Six hundred thousand student visas issued each year. Four hundred fifty-five thousand temporary employment transfers granted.
    In addition, over 700,000 legal citizens. In addition, a million permanent residents. My gosh, what in the world are you folks talking about?

    1 para from How many H-1B visa workers? Counts vary (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=114543&postcount=737) VALLEY EMPLOYERS AMONG TOP USERS By Chris O'Brien (cobrien@mercurynews.com or (415) 298-0207) Mercury News, 07/15/2007

    The federal government awarded 124,096 H-1B visas in the fiscal year ending October 2005, the most recent annual totals available. That includes renewed visas, which don't count against the annual cap. It doesn't include the 20,312 applications the government turned down.


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  • lazycis
    10-18 01:29 PM
    Would appreciate if anyone can reply to my question....

    Credit report check is not part of the name check.

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  • vbkris77
    01-05 12:16 AM
    Very true. Another advantage is, Citizenship doesn't have any number limitations. It will also help people waiting for GC as the queue gets even shorter. Instead of making it 10 Years from first port of entry, if it can be made as 5 years from say Priority Date for Green Card, it will cover many more people. Technically the person expressed intent to live in US after accepting a perm job. It is admin processing and Visa number limitations that are preventing the person from becoming a perm resident. So the change be sold as proper interpretation of the law because of changes in the circumstances but not really opening a flood gate for citizenship.


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  • alias
    08-07 11:52 AM
    No, I have the conviction, but don't have money...


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  • abhis0
    09-25 08:19 PM
    Message Sent

    Sent to:

    [ Create a category to email this group ]
    Add to Address Book

    Sent mail to all.....Sent email to local congressman.....sent postal mail to Senator......Hope something good comes up for all those whose receipts are held up.


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  • needhelp!
    01-11 02:35 PM
    Yeah.. weird right? The only conclusion can be that they DO have a hidden agenda.

    I Unless they have a hidden agenda, they should be supporting IV's letter campaign.

    How is this in conflict? Am I missing something?

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  • Devils_Advocate
    03-10 09:27 AM
    I strongly support this thread and the message. Lets make an action plan how to pursue this.

    Devils_Advocate: I know your type. But you must also understand that unless the line in front of you is cleared, you and I will go down the drain. You are talking about EAD. I dont even have that, yet I support this.
    Your thinking appears narrow minded. Wake up.

    Dont give me that BS ok, if you know my type then i know your "type" as well. FYI i dont have an EAD as yet either, and Mr YOU need to wake up, if you actually think US Govt will skip your full GC step and give you citizenship in this environment where they are deporting valid H1B holders from the POE then my friend you are nothing less than insane, nobody gives a sh*t about us right now, if you're so over your head and fail to realize that then go ahead i wish you all the best.

    I sincerely request you to promise us that you will stand for public office when they give you your "expedited citizenship" and change some rules for the benefit of all of us.:)


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  • AreWeThereYet
    08-18 12:26 PM
    So, the IO just called? Did you raise any SR/file complaint with ombudsman/enquire through congressman?

    our applications were supposedly approved today. IO called home around 7:30AM.
    Dependent case is being worked on though..he said we should get approval notice in 3 days.

    I am just waiting for approval notice now..hmm..its a different wait :D:D

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  • Macaca
    07-13 09:36 PM
    ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ Hides Good News Behind Negative View of Free Market (http://www.businessandmedia.org/specialreports/2005/lou_dobbs/dobbs.asp) By Charles Simpson Research Analyst, Business & Media Institute
    CNN's Lou Dobbs - The Minister of 'Propaganda and Enlightenment' By James Opiko, 2007-05-25: part 1 (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=106097&postcount=679), part 2 (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=106119&postcount=680), part3 (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=106140&postcount=681)
    You Can't Even Get a Taco These Days Without One of Your Extremities Falling Off... (http://www.reason.com/blog/show/120153.html) By David Weigel, May 11, 2007
    Immigrants and Prison (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=73775&postcount=1260) By DAVID LEONHARDT (Leonhardt@nytimes.com), May 30, 2007
    Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=73715&postcount=1255) By DAVID LEONHARDT (Leonhardt@nytimes.com), May 30, 2007
    Below the Beltway By Gene Weingarten (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=85073&postcount=354) (weingarten@washpost.com), June 17, 2007
    When Demagogues Play the Leprosy Card, Watch Out (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=85206&postcount=359), By LAWRENCE DOWNES New York Times, June 17, 2007
    Stop, Stop! A North American Union! (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=112238&postcount=718) As Some Stoke Fears of 'Dangerous' Partnership, Reality Takes a Detour By Marcela Sanchez (desdewash@washpost.com) Special to washingtonpost.com, July 13, 2007


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  • p_kumar
    07-09 06:40 PM
    Will you guys stop this madness atleast now?. If US started bending rules for people who send flowers, then everyone will try to manipulate the system. There is a lot of difference between the circumstances of originla gandhigiri and now. :rolleyes: That was our country back then, for crying out loud.We are in a foriegn country and the issuance of visa a previlege not a right.Why cant you guys understand this simple fact?. Now stop making fools of yourself and get a life.

    That USCIS director gave a good answer. Is your pain more than those citizens of this country who gave their limbs and life for US?. :eek:

    BTW, i am one of the guys who couldn't file I-485 because of this fiasco. But i understand the reality.:)

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  • sri1309
    08-24 08:45 AM

    Thanks for hearing me.
    Other guys, I am not angry with you. We are all on the same boat and not to fight here. Its frustration.

    H1 visas or F1 Visas or for that matter many of such things.. Why do you really think they exist.
    To help people like you and me to lead a different life style or to benefit the US??
    Why do you think so many many people were allowed during the Y2K thing. To make us realize our American dreams??.. You heard me.

    If you go by statistics, PhD holders in this country are mostly from outside. Same case with Masters. You will see not that many Bachelors though. Why do MS, INtel, Oracle etc etc strees so much on H1s.

    Let it be not real, BUT when you say we are ALL going back with disappointment, the system will look at it differently. The system is broken as top US companies agree. Like most people here too agree. Yes, there will be people who say there are more people and less jobs or taking away the jobs. But did they stop the H1 or F1 program, NO.
    SO we must raise a voice to repair the GC system. Who thought all this S* when we applied in 01 or 02.
    Guys, I am also not going anywhere, . I am here for 10 years now and its my life and I like it. But when 100 people say "we re going back, disappointed, it will have some effect".

    Nobody else agrees with me?. I am sending "I am going back unless you fix it" cards again on Monday. Please do, I feel its sending the same message in a different way.

    $100 one time.


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  • axyl
    05-17 10:02 PM
    Does it matter if I file in last week of June vs. first week of June?

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  • bobzibub
    06-29 05:07 PM
    Could it be a class action lawsuit? Yes, I think it does have that smell of a class action law suit.

    I went through hell to get this done in time. This had better be a false rumour.


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  • GCapplicant
    06-29 04:35 PM
    I always thought, the system was fair, it was only the overwhelming numbers of immigrants from certain countries that made it look unfair....but the closer I get to the stage where DOS decisions start impacting me, the more I realize that the system is not fair at all. The game of visa numbers and allocations is driven by white house politics alone...DOS being the spokesperson for the politics. Essentially the white house is directly throttling immigration through the DOS...on its own whims and fancy.

    So, what made you import yourself here? You could have stayed back in your own country..by the way, coming on a H4 was a choice..it wasn't forced upon you...didn't you know before coming here that you would have to stay home on a H4? H4->F1, H4->H1...all these options are always open to you..

    Do you respect others feelings here...

    We are all here for some justice-no arguments-no offense
    what r u...
    Mind your langauage-Did u face any serious problems from some H4-

    before you try to supress some ones feelings change your attitude-

    06-20 10:49 PM
    My wife was stuck in namecheck during the H-4 stamping 3 years back. She gave full FP and got cleared in 6 weeks. Question i have is that i will be filing I-485 in July so is there a chance that she will be stuck in I-485 Name check as well? Anyone with experience? Also, if she get's stuck and I am cleared does the application get's stuck completely?

    06-16 11:42 PM
    No I don't. You basically don't want to keep the door open wide. Once you are IN you want the door to be closed. You don't worry about loosing US jobs to India/China, but you don't want Indians/Chinese to enter USA and enjoy the "quality of life" you enjoy here.

    Nobody enters USA to live a "low profile" life.

    You are getting dangerously accustomed to the "taking things for granted" style. You are loosing your competitive skills.

    I personally know that more energetic people coming in is kind of dangerous even for my job safety-net (basically I cannot take things for granted). But I still have not learned to think beyond humanity, and I believe sharing is good. The new guys also deserve the chance for American dream.

    And I don't forget that I was also once in H1B, and came with a lot of dreams and skills.

    However, my point is, if you want to outsource take the job to the low wage country. Do not bring low wages here. I am ok if outsourcing would increase because of the Grassley bill. I am not ok if the low wages are dumped in here. I hope you people see the difference.

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