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  • nepaliboy
    05-21 10:40 AM
    last week i took infopass and got shedule for biometric , i am also july 2nd filler and had not receive appointment until last week.
    my appointment actually at 28th may 2008 but yesterday i went to asc and told them i will be leaving usa next week and request to take biometric fineally i am able to get biometric yesterday.
    but i have to pay $25 for him doing my fevour because with out that he isnot willing to do so.
    there is no lud today on my i-485 so could you please tell me how long it take to get lud ?
    how long it take to clear fbi?
    what is soft lud and hard lud ?
    my pd is current so will i soon see my i-485 processing ?

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  • hrushi_j
    02-09 11:51 AM
    This is very easy and takes 15 seconds if you already have the paypal set up.

    Transaction Details

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #59F40058D17019301)

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 9, 2009 Payment To Immigration Voice Completed ... -$21.00 USD

    Related Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 9, 2009 Charge From Credit Card Completed Details $21.00 USD
    Business Name:
    Immigration Voice

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  • apahilaj
    11-06 02:23 PM

    I tend to disagree from you on your comment regarding a possible link between name check and FP. I think they are seperate processes and run in parallel - one does not depend on another. I've read somewhere that a guy's name check was initiated like a month before he went for his FP. He got that info from infopass appointment. Also, wouldn't the IOs mention about the pending name check if it was related to FP notice?

    Regarding reaching a non TSC IO, I think is impossible since the call gets directed to TSC or NSC based on the receipt number that you key in when you call.

    I agree with you that we'll end up getting the same damn letter as our friend about no appointment availabality at local ASC for our SR response. It seems to me that we have to try either the Infopass or just wait it out.

    Has anyone thought about writing to ombdusman (if I spelled it correctly) about this FP notice issue or will that be not worth it?

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  • pamposh
    08-11 11:47 PM
    Interesting... looks like they set up some kind of automatic system ... I got an email as well for "Card production ordered" for me and my spouse a few minutes back... unfortunately it is not for GC but EAD...

    PD Sep 05 India EB2


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  • sapota
    10-08 12:51 PM
    I also want USCIS to count my legal presence in the US prior to obtaining permanent residency (GC) for naturalization purposes. (Canada does this - 50% credit for time spent legally before obtaining permanent residency).

    I want. I want. I want. :)

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  • raj2007
    04-23 10:09 PM
    Tell me what wrong he did for him to apologize and I will apologize to you. When nothing is permanent he worked with them for 1 and half years, he got them 4 employees. Why in the world should he apologize?.

    When you say that you will not need your clients you are wrong. when I was searching for projects I got a chance to apply to a job opening in one of my previous client, guess what, the start to my second stint was smooth just because I had a good rapport with my client and they liked my work. I even got one of my team mates in my client place to give me a referral for my higher studies.

    "Your ex boss is not a bad guy, he knows you are leaving for better opportunity".He is not only a bad guy, he is evil IF (note the big IF) he is keeping the money which is not his. Their conscience should prick when they feed and give excellent education to their kids with the ill gotten money.

    Unfortunately one might need his ex-employer in future (might not always be the case) and that is the irony of it all.

    I feel the same..you will always need the ex clients than ex employer.

    Why you need the experience letter?
    Appointment letter is good enough for green card purposes and as far as reference letter, I always got them from client.

    There are 2 issues.
    1. Getting back the salary
    2. Non compete agreement.

    Getting back salary is not a big deal. These type of cases never goes to the court and most o the employers will settle out of court.

    regarding Non Compete, I feel you have served enough and there is no valid case.


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  • phillyag
    08-25 08:49 AM
    I think you may see some action soon ...( did you have LUD on 8/21 ??)


    No I did not...the date before it was of back in 2008.
    My PD is Jan-17-2006 at NSC.

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 02:34 PM
    Congratulations Aman on your green card.

    Appreciate your feelings towards this community but personally i think IV need to have a system in place to reimburse expenses incurred towards the administrative costs, as suggested by mgos.

    Atleast i think these funds we are collecting now should be directed towards an administrative expenses account for reimbursing you and all other core team IV members for the amount spent already.

    Please arrange for setting up an administrative account (or should it suffice to just make the paypal contributions with a specific message saying something like "REIMBURSEMENT").

    Thank you Aman & all the other immigration voice members who have spent so much time, energy and resources in advocating on behalf of all of us. I have been working in the non-profit sector for the past 8 years and from experience suggest that in order for this movement/advocacy campaign to sustain it is important for us to have a system in place where core campaign members are reimbursed for their past and recurring expenses. We have contributed to IV previously and would like to pledge $200 towards Aman's expenses.


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  • 2ndJuly
    08-13 11:30 AM
    EAD USCIS Recieved Date: 03-July
    EAD Status Cahnged to Card Production Ordered: 12-Aug

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  • sanju_dba
    11-17 03:34 PM


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  • khukubindu
    05-05 06:20 PM
    Thanks reddymjm for your quick reply. How long would it be current , do you think ?

    What should I do from my side if it the date is correct ?

    Should I call USCIS.

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  • dingudi
    01-06 03:03 PM

    Just wanted to give you an update on my FP notice. Finally I got FP notice today schedule for 01/29/08. I guess Infopass appointment works. I had infopass appointment on 21st of Dec 2007 and IO told me I should expect FP within 3 weeks . I guess USCIS has started working after a long break. Hang on guys.


    COngrats!. Looks like yours is in TSC. Good to see someone from TSC getting it. It could very well have been a result of you taking the infopass appointment.

    Could you tell us briefly what did you tell or ask IO during InfoPass appt. Did you also tell them that you had opened an SR and did you show them the SR response letter also.

    Eager to hear a little detail about the conversation you had with IO during Infopass appointment.


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  • mchundi
    05-04 10:46 AM
    So USCIS should make sure they clear for 2 jobs before they issue one H1 :)
    This thread is specifically discussing the Cornyn bill. I will not put down a lot of irrelevent stuff, but let me say this and end.

    The tone of ur earlier posting may have hurt some people.

    Some of the reforms that happened and some the IV is pursuing will probably help most H4's a long way.
    Earlier (even now for those stuck in PBEC) the labor used to take 2-3 years. With PERM most of the labors r taking 4-6 months. I140 also seems to be very fast.
    Now if every body is able to adjust their status upon labor approval, that is less than a year's wait time for H4. Not a bad deal.


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  • jthomas
    10-09 01:51 AM
    filled july 11th

    no receipt yet


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  • abhijitp
    12-18 05:33 PM
    Some of my cousins and friends who are just leaving college (even the prestigious IIT's) are unwilling to come to the US.

    If they do come here, they are reluctant to go after the "GC". They want to wait for a few years, and would embark upon the journey only if there are any "fixes" in the EB GC system.

    If not, there are several developed countries that take point based immigrant visa applications and give you a decision in a year or two.

    Most of these young friends have already made plans to apply to these countries. Those who qualify have already applied. In one case, a friend whose H1B did not go through last year, immigrated to Australia. (Both he and his wife also found a job in less than a month.)

    2, I can appreciate your position. You have already spent several years here, and yet no decision in the sight. If possible, you could still create a fall-back option like Canada/UK/Australia. A PR in these countries might give us easier access come back to the USA later (although not permanently).

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  • pappu
    05-23 09:39 AM
    SORRY Fellas, I cannot send this out unless the provision for H1b nenewal be added to it. I know IVs main concern is reg the backlogged GC cases, however, I would request that future of the H1b should also be addresed. I now feel that even contributing to the IV was a mistake because you are not taking a broader view of this issue. Please try to include the clauses affecting H1bs also in your letters. Particularly simple technical aspects like renewing H1b beyond the 6 years period is a MUST and one of the things that can be MOST easily achieved if asked for.
    I have a bad feeling about IVs goals. Are you only concerned about getting the GC backlogs cleared? or are you going to be asking for H1b related issues to be addressed too? eg:- H1b renewal after the 6th year is an issue any moron could easily understand and pass. That has been there for many years and should continue for a successful H1b program. Please take care of that issue too. I dont see that included in the letter you have prepared to be sent out to all the senators. Please do that urgently. This is a very techinical issue and can easily be campaingned for. Pls dont ignore it.

    If the number 3 in the letter has something to do with H1b renewal, pls reword it and make it clear, however, Idont believe its related to h1b renewal atall.

    Please include atleast H1b renewal, one good thing about h1 that all of you have/currently are enjoying, to be included as one of your/our major demands. I am not asking for the H1b placement at different sites thing, that might be difficult to campaign for at this point of time, however, renewal needs to be done.

    thomachan72, if you have concerns about IV contact us. We take each decision after careful thinking and planning based on certain information and ground realities. Sometimes all information cannot be posted on the forum. Please trust us so that we can help everyone.
    Your posts may start reactions from people and the purpose of the drive will be lost.
    Thanks for understanding


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  • sanhari
    07-21 08:47 AM
    First I like to thank you all those whose support me in this action of trying to eliminate the country and category based spillover usage. I see that there are lot of unrelated comments and discussions going on in this forum, let's not get ourself diverted and please focus on our mission to try to implement the usage of spill over visas based on priority date. There may be some unrelated comments still coming in, also some may discourage our actions, let's please ignore those, instead of responding (which just feeds them to write more).

    I like to know who all have already contacted their local Congressman/woman for this issue. so let's take a poll by adding your IV id to the following list,

    IV Id----------------Week of Contact-------------------Any update
    Sanhari --------------- July 12 2010 --------------- Automated email response

    Thanks again to all those who support this cause, let's continue to do our part and hope for the best for us to happen soon....

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  • santb1975
    12-18 11:37 PM
    This is hilarious. :D

    ...to your linguistic skills, dear lady (assuming so from the alias... :) )

    You had me looking for the word geralizing in a dictionary... :)

    Now, it has happened more than a few occassions that I've come across words that I had no clue about.... and this was one such moment. The dictionary bot came up with a blank face, expressing its helplessness. Looking at the results, I'm assuming you meant "generalizing".... clueless me couldn't figure that out sooner.. :)

    Nothing like such amusing moments, thanks to IV, to bring cheer to an otherwise dark & gloomy day (well, mostly... in California a little overcast weather for about half a day can cause the much-feared Seasonal Affective Disorder (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/seasonal-affective-disorder/DS00195) (SAD) to some... :) )

    And those feeling depressed.. perhaps the weather may have something to do with it... ?


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  • jgh_res
    07-20 03:36 AM
    I pledge 100 dollars. Please let me know how I need to send it over. Send any action alert to my associated email id.
    I could not update the google spreadsheet. Can somebody do it for me...

    06-08 06:07 PM
    My case was received by NSC on JUN 1st. They issued the recipt numbers on JUN 5th. I am still waiting on my wifes. They could clear on Monday.. Looks like NSC is also trying to speed up things. They are just one day slower than TSC in issuing recepts.

    09-15 06:14 PM
    I 've sent pm.. please update the google doc.

    Thanks gcgonewild. The spreadsheet is updated now.

    Others who are wondering what's goin on..here's a recap:

    We are collecting pledges to file a lawsuit against USICS against these random and opaque processing of GC's. Our target is to get 1000 affected people to pledge atlaset $100 each so that we can fund this lawsuit. No money being collected right now..just honest pledges.

    There is a current list of members who have pledged support on the link below.

    If you would like to help in this effort, please send me a private message with the following info:
    1) Ur IV handle
    2) Ph#
    3) Email ID
    4) Amount you would like to pledge.

    Please note, we will move forward only if we have atleast 1000 pledged members to make up a sound force behind this campaign. So unity is the key here. We will not collect money unless we have a solid proof that we are not alone in this fight.

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