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h. g. wells biography

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  • myvoice23
    09-17 06:18 PM
    July 3rd,NSC...signed by R.WILLIAMS...still waiting

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  • nixstor
    06-22 01:51 PM
    We discussed this several Times !

    I'm currently bargaining with my employer for that Letter.... They are saying that letter can be given now only if i don't ask for next Hike etc...

    blood suckers ..., you know

    I know man.. These people are going bonkers right now. They know whats coming down the line after 6 or 7 months.

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  • iography of H.G. Wells.

  • peer123
    06-13 07:27 PM
    My one set of checks cleared last friday & other set yet to be cleared. That might be for me or wife, no idea. So I'm waiting.
    How are you so sure that your case checks were cashed & not your wife's just curious.


    I thought all the fees are to be paid by the employer then how come you are paying for it, is it still an option or is there any premium processing for 485

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  • Greatdesi
    08-23 12:04 PM
    Hi Asethura,
    Did the status ever change to 'card production ordered'?

    Hi All, we got our physical cards yesterday my USPS.
    PD: Feb 16th, 2006, NSC, EB2-I, RD: Aug 6th 2007
    Got Welcome notice by USPS o Aug 16th (approved on August 10th), online status changed to PDA on August 19th, got physical cards yesterday.


    h. g. wells biography. H.G. Wells
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  • venkybr
    08-27 01:33 PM
    Anyone who sent 485 application to NSC, 140 approved from NSC, got their receipts from TSC?

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  • amitjoey
    11-17 03:45 PM
    Is there a phone campaign planned?


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  • pappu
    11-21 12:20 PM

    I have a unique position. couple of weeks back I was told that have fatal cancer and won't live pass 4-6 months. After recovering from initial shock I am wondering if my wife will be able to continue her american dream or she will have to head home after me.

    I have filed 485 with approved 140 back in june, 2007 with PD of March, 2003

    Please help.


    Very sorry to hear this. Please get in touch with a lawyer and discuss if you could expedite your GC application due to health conditiion. Get good treatment. IV physicians group has several top best in class doctors and they can try to find how they can help you. You need to get the best care. Do not give up. Send us your contact details. Each IV member is precious to us and we will help.

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  • Biography: H. G. Wells, Part 5

  • rahulp
    06-07 11:53 AM
    Receipt# is printed on check after it's cashed.

    In my case, my employer asked me to make checks payable to employer (for attorney fees as well as filing fees) and they cut the check for USCIS and attorneys. I don't understand how it helps them but delays in my getting the receipt#. If they let me pay directly to USCIS, I could at least get the receipt#s. My I-485 was received at NSC on 06/04/2007 morning.


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  • H G Wells Biography: iography

  • qasleuth
    03-09 11:11 PM

    Here you go...Answer to your question is in the below thread. Please come forward and also ask your friends to contribute.


    You did raise some good points on how to sell the concept in terms of what 'tangible' benefits can we see in the near future and we now seem to have the opportunity.


    I could convince 3 of my colleagues who are READY RIGHT NOW to contribute $1000.00 each. I can do $500.00.
    But they asked me just one question. What is the action plan that IV is collecting these monies from prospective immigrants who are already in pain due to this economy and all that. I did tell them about July 07, flower campaign, but they are not willing to listen. They said they did not contribute at that time due to some reasons, but they now want to contribute big way. They have a much bigger friend's circle than mine who are also doing good from top schools who may contribute too. They may also register in IV soon.
    But their only question is "What is the action plan for FUTURE". Can you please help.
    I am confused myself with the same question, no offense. Like me, they wouldnt wait and wait forever for things to happen. We Strongly believe in any action towards goals. Trust me, we need lots of money, but the way they responded made me feel uncomfortable.

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  • kkarun
    02-11 12:17 PM
    I'm going to send check for $50 today.


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  • h. g. wells biography.

  • Rohan99
    10-10 09:33 PM
    I got some good news. I called uscis just now and got two receipt numbers, one for 485 and one for EAD. Checks not cashed yet. I don't have the receipt number for AP yet. So it seems that our box is not lost and they're processing them, though so slowly. My application arrived on 7/3 at NSC, received by R. William at 9:03am.
    Hope every one of us will receive our receipts, EAD and AP asap.

    Congrats bluesky1!!!
    Can you tell us more about your application like RN on receipt? TSC or NSC?

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  • chanduv23
    07-07 01:05 PM
    Please be prepared for unanticipated actions in case of rallies

    Check this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFdNkXJMH9A&mode=related&search=

    IV members - never lose control or temper - in a public rally. Be careful - remember, in this current scenerio we do not have much sympathy - if any official assualts us - more sympathy will be towards them.

    Please do a thorough research on how effective rallies are based on our situation. We do not have much political support - no government support, no public support - and not the least of sympathy though we contribute so much.

    In case of unanticipated actions - we may never know if politically we will have any help fro higher ups.

    Also - please check the numbers ( remember though a lot of people show enthusiasm in discussion forums, in reality you will find very less people taking part)

    So please do your homework and do a lot of discussion. Do not hurry up and rush into rallies. A lot of rallies are done by disciplined leaders who plan these well in advance.

    Please do some research.

    Once again - it is nice to see the zeal in all the members to do something. Please contribute to IV. Participate in media drive and update information. Help in all posible ways. Please contact core to discuss strategies.

    Keep up the spirit.


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  • tonyHK12
    02-15 08:48 AM
    thanks cygent, nishanttambe, SDDesi, kosars, optimizer, crazymonk for the contributions

    Amount raised................$4,150.00
    Contributions needed.....$45,850.00

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  • HG Wells#39; quot;The Red Roomquot;

  • gbof
    08-27 01:34 PM
    GC comes with a 'sleeve' to keep the card safely. The pouch in the sleeve have special silver lining to prevent 'de-magnetisation' over the period. Please, take due care as its not easy to get replacement.

    I was advised so, at SSA. As I was about to put the card in my wallet (Ya, I went to SSA to update my ssn) gentleman at the window interrupted me. I thought I should share this small tip with IVian fella.

    Good luck to everyone !!


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  • Green.Tech
    02-26 10:20 AM
    Please see my answers in BOLD. Please do not assume I am mad to put in BOLD. This is just to make my point more VISIBLE.

    Finally one question to ALL.
    If we see a good action plan from IV Core and a date, how much are you willing to contribute.I am now ready to do $2000.00 instead of $500.00 as I said before. I am not very well-off to do this much (my friends are, though). But this looks to be nothing when compared to the loss many faced waiting 5-10- years. So I will do.
    Feel free. Remember how it feels like if you get it. and dont forget how much you are spending now for different immigration related issues. How much are you ready to contribute to IV.

    Ok. Time out suriajay12.

    Tell me one thing - Why do you expect IV core to spoonfeed everything to you and your friends. If you and your friends are raring to go and do something for the retrogressed community, why not come forward with ideas and show some efforts, instead of just harping on a forum with a bundle of dollars in your hand! Remember, IV is made up of you and me, and it's you and me who can make all the difference. It's very easy to sit on the sidelines and talk. And one more thing - "Have a positive attitude" about everything (life, IV, GC etc) and you will notice how much your point of view will change for better.

    The best advice I have for you is to join your state chapter because IV does lot of its planning and strategy implementation behind the scenes. That way you will know more about IV's current and future plans, and will be able to contribute in a positive manner.

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  • anilnag
    05-02 11:40 AM
    Who did not even know about IV till Apr 2007 are talking here.

    Why not if 'Who did not even know about IV till Apr 2007 are CONTRIBUTING here'.
    Do u think admins should ban people from expressing views if joined after a certain cutoff date???


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  • HG Wells: #39;A winning

  • beppenyc
    06-21 04:18 PM
    Answering for Logiclife, whose time zone is a couple hours behind.

    CIR will likely not be VOTED dead. There just will not be anything done about naming a Conference committee. If a committee is indeed named, but they don't produce a report in 2-3 weeks, then CIR would be deemed dead.

    The bottom line is, if nothing happens by the end of July, CIR will likely be dead.

    We will be looking at other options much before the end of July. The problem for us is that no other legislation will be considered before the end of July.
    Well, hearing is in august, that means that the CIR for this year is dead.

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  • From Bromley: H. G. Wells,

  • PBECVictim
    08-13 02:53 PM
    Did you file I-140/I-485 concurrently. Where is employer's office location? and your residency?

    I have filed I-140/I-485 concurrently on July 25th at Nebraska, my employer and my residence come under Texas Service centre according to new direct filing instructions.

    Mine is Eb 3..was sent to Nebraska, got there July 2, signed by R. Michaels at 9 am...Transfered to Texas,Received July 6...They sent me the Notice of Action for my 140 but I don't know anything else and I also sent at the same time 485-765 for my whole family...

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  • Biography: H. G. Wells, Part 1

  • crystal
    07-05 11:11 AM
    You are absolutely right. The thread owner should have explained the concept for the non-indians and made it more acceptable by others.
    It is never late , the thread owner can you please update in the first page regarding what this is all about.

    Please remember, forum rules mandate posts in English. Thanks for excluding and alienating.

    Junior members, please read the posting guidelines. Lasantha, you are not being ignorant at all

    09-15 11:43 AM
    Hi GCSTATUS...can u please update your first post in this thread..the new people looking into this thread may not be able to go thru all the posts and will not know what's going on......

    09-15 12:41 PM

    Thank You for taking initiation. Please add my name in the spreadsheet.
    Chandrasekhar Nachu, . My contribution is $100.

    Thanks buddy..can u please send me ur email ID too? I guess in the future when we have # of pledges grow, we will use email as the way to communicate the status on this effort.

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