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  • qualified_trash
    07-18 10:47 AM
    If you filed your case 30 days or more before the date shown under the heading “Processing Cases with Receipt Date of” and you have not received a request for evidence, a decision, or another notice in the last thirty days, please call our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    from the url


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  • jasmin45
    07-22 07:42 PM
    Hi my wife is missing her birth certificate can i aplly with all the rest of the documents and send it in later beacause it can take some time to find it in russia or any other suggestions thanks
    Affadivit for Birth certificates from parents will be fine. you must have 2 affadivits for the missing birth certificates stating the reason for non availability of birth certificates, person's relationship with the applicant and the circumstances for knowledge of birth. It is always advisible to provide additional documents like school leaving certificates etc.. as proof of birth date, place and parents names along with affadivit to substantiate the evidance in support for missing birth certificate.

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  • greendream
    12-14 03:45 PM

    Could anyone please suggest me a few consulting companies who can sponsor H1B visa? I am trying to bring my friend who is in India working for an automotive OEM. He was in Michigan for a while and he went back to India and it�s been almost more than 7 years since he left but now he wants to come back to Michigan.

    If anyone knows any consultants in Michigan would be perfect since I already have a job lined up (verbally) through my contacts but I am not successful finding an employer who can sponsor H1B for him.

    Thank you very much,

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  • luckylavs
    07-03 06:44 PM
    This is no news. Bilbray and his HIRC (founded by Tancredo) are engaging in tough talk and rhetoric knowing full well that Pelosi is not going to put CIR on House agenda.

    This is just tough talk with no plans or intention to act. Nothing to see here folks. Back to 485 issues.

    logiclife: any alternative way like having an interrim bill passed so that it will give temporary relief for all of us?


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  • shana04
    01-26 12:29 PM
    Hi. I just e-filed my I-539, status of change request from F-1 to H-4. I just found out that I chose "North Korea" for my citizenship, while it was supposed to be "South Korea". I chose "South Korea" for the passport issuance country.

    How can I fix this? Should I attach a letter explaining this, when sending the supporting documents? What else supporting documents should I submit, other than my husband(H-1)'s paystub, I-129 approval notice and our marriage certificate?

    Thanks in advance.

    you need to write a covering letter describing your mistake and mention all the supporting documents

    Supporting documents can be
    1. your passport
    2. your husband passport with your name mentioned on it
    3. your birth certificate
    4. your educational certificate (if it specifies your country of birth)

    I would suggest to send at least two or three supporting documents which shows your date of birth.

    In fact I did the same problem and I had to send the supporting documents.

    good luck.

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  • sadshaq12
    11-18 04:03 PM
    Hi Gurus
    One question for you
    Can A2p the wages be pro rated ?

    if monthly wages for an employees is 1000 per month then it should be 12000 per year) company need to prove the ability to pay $12000 per year.

    but what if the LC was filed in mid year for example June 2005 and CIS RFE is asking to proof ability to pay (only One year) 2005
    can it been showed as June - december = 7 month and onwards

    $1000 x7= 7000
    is it good approch or no


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  • sameer2730
    06-29 08:01 AM

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  • Googler
    06-24 06:09 PM
    It gets better. The guy who hired him was involved in deportation proceedings.


    The next time a Republican gets in our face about immigrants, these are fine stories to trot out.


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  • Mahatma
    06-19 01:40 PM
    Dear IVians,

    Do I need to send my original passport for PIO application?

    I am not comfortable sending out my passport. Hence, I wanted to double-check.

    Your response is appreciated.

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  • irukandji
    02-14 10:21 AM
    will the GC be still valid after converting to H1B? or will it be rejected? even after AC21 has been invoked by the new employer...


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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-20 10:30 PM
    please reply gurus.

    Remember, you are signing each and every form. Which means you are certifying the following: "I certify, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America, that this application and the evidence submitted with it is all true and correct."

    So when a form asks for your address, it HAS to be YOUR address. Providing any other address would be illegal. Tell your employer he/she cannot force you to commit perjury.


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  • rajuram
    07-22 10:14 PM


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  • Dhundhun
    10-14 11:54 AM
    So, a controlled slow movement will leave to more un-used numbers in the 3rd quarter when they will then be forced to make big jumps in dates to use up annual visa numbers

    Big Jump => Chaotic Jump ???

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  • muni_k
    04-15 11:27 AM
    both of us are physicians working on h1b visas .we have ead's.i want to do a fellowship.i believe i cannot do a fellowship using my ead.can i use my wife's ead,showing myself as a dependant?all help from the gurus will be greatly appreciated.thanks.


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  • guyfromsg
    07-19 08:01 AM
    I have already sent my 485 application
    1-140 cleared

    In the field I94# and expiration I entered I 94 number which is on the white card on the passport and it is the same as the number on my renewed h1 papers.However I entered expiry date from the i94 on the passport,which is oct06 instead of the 010 date in the renewal.

    will that be a problem..? CAN I CORRECT IT AFTER I get the reciept no or will thay be able to verify with the latest h1 paper that i94 is valid

    The I94 number is in the database. When I94 was extended that information is entered in the database as well.

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  • theshiningsun
    05-27 09:40 PM
    thx pappu n aruben for ur responses.

    pappu, ur link talks abt GC in EB-5 category. is the requirement of $1 mn investment a reqd condition for this? in other words, if an enterprise can generate jobs for 10+ US citizens by investing a lesser amt, is that valid for filing GC under EB-5 category?

    thx in advance,


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  • good idea
    11-11 01:44 PM
    My I-140 was filed on Aug 25 (India -Regular) and I haven't received the receipt number yet? Is this normal for paper filing. What is my best option here to expedite the process?

    Guys please help me, I do not have much info about I140.

    My (desi) company filed my I140, in 2009 after 8-9 months I checked with them about status of my application; and back office guy said, that my I140 is approved but decline to give any reference/application no.

    My doubt is that I never got any receipt number after they filed my I140. My question is that Is it normal if candidate does not get any receipt number, perhaps my company's lawyer got on my/or company's behalf, is this assumption reasonable?

    Please comment...


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-23 10:10 AM
    In the past week or so we have been receiving many requests for evidence on all H1b cases filed on April 1, 2009. The RFEs received by us and practitioners across the country so far appear to only request that the single page of the I-129 Data Collection sheet be sent with the TARP question answered.

    Due to the passage of EAWA, USCIS is required to collect TARP (and Section 13 funding) information on each H-1B petitioner. However, by the time the new form became available, we had already completed our packages for the H-1B cap filing period for April 1, 2009. Therefore, USCIS confirmed that the new I-129 form was not mandatory and that only the one page (of the I-129 Data collection sheet requesting the TARP information) was urged to be included.

    At the AILA Spring Conference in Washington, D.C., Barbara Velarde, Chief, USCIS Service Center Operations, mentioned that if the TARP information was not included in the filing, the petitions would not be rejected. However, USCIS would need to send an RFE for the TARP information. Unfortunately, this was not clearly explained in the USCIS fact sheet on TARP issued on March 20, 2009. Nevertheless, USCIS is required under the EAWA statute to obtain this information and the easiest way for USCIS to comply is to send an RFE. This is a very annoying and time consuming process for all us dealing with H1B filings, and even more confusing for the clients. We hope that USCIS explain better such crucial changes in future matters.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/04/h1b_visas_many_rfes_re_use_of.html)

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  • tinamatthew
    07-20 08:32 PM
    Wondering if a little something when filing my taxes will backfire on me when filing I-140/485.

    I'm single/no dependents but for past 4 yrs or so when filing taxes have showed 2 dependents for child tax credit (no earned income credit applied for)....my niece/nephew. My bro had full knowledge and he had suggested as due to his status in US, he is not required to file taxes. Sis in law not working, so not filing taxes. So i used to do that....

    It won't come to bite me right???? ok i am never doing this from now on but is it too late for me. Obviously on my immigation forms i will show no dependents etc as i have none...

    any advice.....

    Personally, I wouldn't send my tax returns until I have spoken to a GOOD lawyer. There are quite a few IO that do not ask for tax returns b4 or during the interview. However, it shouldn't be a problem as you can explain it away. Simply - they were my dependents in those 4 years !! But now they are not, simple.

    10-21 10:12 PM
    I sent my app to NSC 20th' July,,,,received at NSC on 23rd' July..
    Still no receipts(s) yet....checks not cashed yet..
    Called few times in past weeks to IO level2 support, info is not available/entered in USCIS database..
    Just wondering who else is facing same situation as I, and sharing the ride.
    Pls reply to this thread so we can track the progress..
    thanks for the help

    09-16 03:02 PM
    U will get a lot of what you want :)

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