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  • gc_chahiye
    10-14 11:03 PM
    Has somebody ever wondered if EB limit is 140000 why the heck USCIS is allowed to accept millions of applications at the first place?

    Can we sue USCIS for that?

    load a big gun, aim at foot, fire.

    P.S: Looks like you dont like EAD, AP, AC21 and all these acronyms and would love to have USCIS return 660K 485 applications back to the July 2nd filers.

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  • transpass
    08-03 09:22 AM
    congrats transpass...

    Thanks a bunch...

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  • StarSun
    03-29 01:53 PM

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  • vactorboy29
    08-02 01:47 PM
    Click on page before or after then it will stop and let you go through all pages.I had same problem but it seems gone after i follow those tricks.


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  • natrajs
    10-21 05:07 PM
    USCIS has become good in copy->paste. They made only one error in May/2007. Other than that they are pretty doing a good job. Copy->paste , Copy->paste.

    Oh Yeah, They invented Copy & Paste. Folks Please Actively Participate in IV's effort

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  • tonyHK12
    02-16 06:03 PM
    Dear All,

    The idea about the oath is good. Most of us do great, creative things at work and earn the appreciation of our peers and seniors. Why not we brainstorm now, come with creative ideas to help ourselves?

    Guys the Satyagraha and Anthem are good ideas and can be implemented. There is no shortage of good ideas.
    The shortage is of people who will participate and do things. Less than 50 have registered so far.

    Of course you understand talking face to face with lawmakers in large numbers is the best way to convey our ideas. Why are we talking about mails when the goal of this thread is to meet them ?


    world of warcraft cataclysm deathwing. World of Warcraft Cataclysm
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  • yvjoshi100
    08-02 03:01 PM
    No, as my priority date never became current before my son turned 21.

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  • shantak
    08-06 05:19 PM
    E-filed on May 25th.. FP done on Jun 11th..
    No LUDs anytime after initial application receipt...


    getting worried now.. :mad:

    Im still waiting too. e-filed may 23rd. fp done on June 17th.
    Expedite request denied, have an infopass appointment on August 14th. I will see what they will say
    Getting too worried as my current ead is going to expire on Sep 19th.
    Looking at the tracking it looks like TSC has started to work on all these pending cases. Hopefully our petitions get approved soon too
    Will keep you posted


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  • Lasantha
    04-11 09:41 AM
    Thanks Hassan !!!!


    Congratulations Lasantha. I am very happy for you. You are a great contributor to this forum and you helped a lot of fellow EB Immigrants with your advice.

    You deserve it. go out and celebrate :D
    Please do come back to this forum when you get a chance.


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  • srinivasa
    04-20 09:29 AM
    the immigration officerr told her that the company named when H1 filed is different in the client letter they gave,so the officer tol he sending bak the papers to uscis and me employer has to follow up.after the employer suggested her to come on dependant H4..


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  • brit_gc
    03-31 10:42 AM
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to rop by and say I received my welcome email today.
    Been here since 2001, but my company wouldn't let me file labor until December 2004.

    Good luck all, and keep the faith.


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  • mnkaushik
    04-08 02:45 PM

    The cut-off dates for the Employment Third and Third preference �Other Worker� categories were held and then retrogressed in an effort to bring demand within the average monthly usage targets and the overall annual numerical limits. Despite these efforts, the amount of demand received from Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices for adjustment of status cases with priority dates that were significantly earlier than the established cut-off dates remained extremely high. As a result, these annual limits have been reached and both categories have become �Unavailable.�

    Visa availability in these categories will resume in October, the first month of the new fiscal year.


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  • mani_r1
    04-13 09:58 AM

    I am going to efile my application. I think the e-file instruction sheet shows to mail it to TSC. Should I be going mailing it to TSC or to the LockBox?


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  • gssh
    08-04 06:55 PM
    Just received an email from USCIS about approval of 485. For some reason my wife's case is still pending.
    Good Luck to everyone.


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  • eb2_mumbai
    09-25 10:37 AM
    There are too many assumptions here. How I see this situation is;
    EB3 I will not move significantly unless and until oversubscribed EB2s become current. Even then, it cannot be taken as granted because the demand of EB2s can take all the spill over and be current without spilling to EB3. USCIS will eventually make the change once they see that EB3 has significant retrogression and there is a lot of noise made about it.

    The solution I see is; we can make a valid presentation showing the effects of this spillover change in the long run and how EB3s will be affected seriously.

    This is my take on spill over interpretation and please dont feel bad if you do not like it. Lets take it this way assume we have 40K extra visa # from EB1 and ROW categories that need to be spilled over to ICPM countries. Now you have two options
    1) Spill it by PD. Which helps EB3 (I)
    2) Spill it by category which helps EB2 (I) & EB2(C)

    If you look at numbers EB3 I # are huge so inspite of pumping 40K into it the numbers barely inch forward. We have seen this all the way till 2007. Where as in just 2 years of spillover EB2 I has moved into 2005 with prediction of becoming current in 2-3 years.

    Now if I was USCIS director and going to Senate hearing. What would I like to tell them that I have used all visa # and EB2 & EB3 are severly backlogged. Or should I say I used up all visa # and now EB1 & Eb2 are current and we have backlogs in only Eb3 category.

    Just that I feel USCIS can claim more bang for buck when they spill in EB2. (just my theory not justyfying it). Also I feel Eb2 is used by large US corporations for its H1 employees especially STEM graduates working. Example Intel, Texas Instruments, Microsoft etc also large financial companies especially for employees on business side (not IT employees). There is pressure from these companies since they do not want to lose some one with business knowledge because of immigrations rules. Just look at how many times Bill Gates has shown up on Senate floor to pitch for EB immigration reform. If you make EB2 current you can shut him up since most Micro Soft employees are under Eb2 category. That way you are effectively muting the critisism againt you on senate floor.

    This way USCIS can also keep these people happy since they can claim that EB2 which translates as Exceptional Ability and Advanced Degrees are now close to current. The only catch is consulting companies and outsourcing companies have sneaked large number of people into Eb2 and they have become lucky.

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  • bmoni
    05-16 04:36 PM
    I just called everyone. Keep calling guys ..don't give up ...don't care how you sound ..just do it.


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  • transpass
    08-03 09:21 AM
    what was ur processing center

    Mine was TSC...Actually it was NSC, but transferred to TSC during July fiasco..

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  • edd
    05-15 02:09 PM

    In my birth certificate, the name given is different than that used in my school records and passport. I have a laminated photo copy of the gazette record that confirms the fact that my birth certificate name has been changed to the name I have in the school records and passport.

    Also, the municipality will not issue me a Not Available certificate since they already have one but with a different name.

    Has anybody been thru a similar situation, if so, will the gazette record of the name change and the original birth cert( with a diff. name) be used as valid biographic documents.

    Any help is deeply appreciated.


    I had the same situation. I don't want to scare you but I went through hell to get it corrected. We filed a case against birth registrar and Courts rightfully gave a verdict in our favor. Total time taken to get it corrected: 18 months.

    I would just give one suggestion: If your birth cert is not in right order, move on the fast lane and try to get things rectified at the earliest. Good luck!!

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  • eager_immi
    01-19 12:53 PM
    I agree. We need to do something about the ones taking a free ride!!!!

    I really like this idea. Core team should give this a serious thought. As macaca pointed out, it wouldn't make a difference to certain ppl, but should motivate quite a few others.

    09-01 11:24 AM
    Alright guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to report that i got a call this morning from my attorney and my online case status also states that Card Production was ordered for my case!!!

    After 8 long years.....i finally have been approved for permanent residency. After 7 years, i will finally, with peace of mind, go back to India to visit my family. Thanks to IV, everyone's help on these forums for helping me keep my sanity over the past 2 years....

    After 15 years in the US, I will finally have my green card in hand soon.


    Congrats , Thanks for your contribution to IV community, Best Wishes

    05-27 05:58 PM

    Thanks for your input, its helpful and what we want. The letter is going to be from us so we can definitely have it reviewed.

    Feel free to take a stab at the letter, again, this is not an individual letter, so the more people contribute the better it is (Meanwhile, avoiding too many cooks :D)

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